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ATS® Intensive  : 12h with Kristine Adams, FCDB® Emeritus


2h workshops, please make sure you know the basis concepts of ATS and level 1 moves.

Full pack only available for purchase until the 29th November 2019 so don't miss out!!



10am-12pm Go with the Flow ~ Smooth Transitions

Make the moments between the movements count. In this workshop we will focus on how to bring an elegance and refinement to the “and” to give your dance a polished, educated look.

1pm-3pm The Ginger-Ro-Shambo

Extreme combinations. Technique and Drills!


3.30pm-5.30pm Manipulating the Motif

Simple ways to bring continuity and grace to your dance. Learn to take the recurring subject, theme, and idea of ATS® and bring new life to your dance by manipulating the movements with ease.



9.30am-11.30am ATS® Mind Melt

This class is for advanced dancers only, the focus is on the Power Duet and two advance dancers riffing off one another. This class is fast paced and full of concepts little to know breakdown or technique.

12.30pm-2.30pm Dueling Duets

Let’s Battle it out with this brilliant formation dynamic.


3pm-5pm Three Peas in a Pod

Let’s focus on what three can do, the strengths, the weakness, the fun!


1- No refund possible

2- If the event has to be cancelled by the orginiser a refund will be sent within 3 months after the event date

3- Buy purchasing those workshops you confirm your health conditions are compatible with the practice of this dance form.

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