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Fusion Dance Formats

Tribal Fusion Bellydance

Originally the "Tribal" Fusion was a fusion between the "tribal" FCBD®Style and the more classic Oriental Bellydance style. Today halfway between world dances and urban dances, there are as many Fusion Bellydance styles as there are teachers because everyone brings their universe and their sensitivity to build their solo or group choreographies.

Ephedra, our teacher, trained with many pioneers of this style in Europe and internationally.


The FCBD®Style is a synchronized group improvisation dance that uses a specific repertoire to move from one movement to another while giving the illusion of perfect choreography. The costumes are particularly colorful and the dancers play finger cymbals to accompany the music.

Our teacher Ephedra is a qualified teacher in FCBD®Style and continues to follow lessons with Carolena Nericcio, founder of this format.


Datura Style™

  Datura Style™ is the dance format created by Rachel Brice defining a precise technique and vocabulary, used as much in choreographic composition as in soloist or group improvisation.

Our teacher Ephedra is certified DaturaStyle™ Teacher and continues to follow regular lessons with her mentor Rachel Brice in order to transmit to you the best of this style.



DanceCraft est le format de danse accrédité de Zoe Jakes. Il fournit une structure dans laquelle les danseurs peuvent progresser vers un objectif réalisable et permet de développer les compétences des Ce format offre une formation technique solide comme cadre pour l'expression artistique et créative. 

Notre professeure Ephedra suit actuellement le dernier niveau de formation de ce format : Key of Clubs Teacher Training.

En savoir plus...

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Les Formats

Our Classes

Our classes (except Thursday) are suited for all levels and are organised according to the following themes:

Technique & Drills  •  Vocabulary & Mouvements    Improvisation  •  Choreography  •  Monthly Workshops


Classes are "body positive" and are intended to be an inclusive and welcoming space for all lovers of dance and movement.

Our dance practice is set to traditional, electronic or pop music depending on the mood.

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Technique & Drills :
Tribal Fusion Bellydance

Through the teaching methods developed by Rachel Brice and Zoe Jakes  come untie with your body or deepen your knowledge of Fusion dances. Every isolation, every undulation, every layer will be detailed and repeated so that it becomes anchored in your body memory and becomes more fluid, more precise, more powerful!

Want to learn more? Also take the Vocabulary & Movements class and/or the Choreography class

Improvisation :
FCBD®Style & Datura Style™

In the improvisation sessions, using concepts and cues, you will learn how to use your 'Vocabulary & Movement' repertoires to dance in synchronised group improvisation such as FCBD®Style and Datura Style™. Let yourself be carried away by the kindness and magic of group cohesion!

*The improvisation sessions are accessible to people taking Vocabulary & Movement classes

Vocabulary & Movements

Fusion dance formats such as Datura Style™, FCBD®Style and DanceCraft™ each have their set repertoire of moves. Throughout the year learn to dance these movements and combinations that can be either fast and energetic or slow and gooey.

Seeking for faster progress? Also enrol to the Technique & Drills class and/or the Monthly Workshops

Want to challenge yourself? Sign up for Improv sessions


Halfway between world dances and urban dances, each teacher brings their universe and their sensitivity to their choreographies. This class is made for you if you like the challenge of learning one or two choreographies and perform them on stage at the end of the year.

Seeking for faster progress? Also sign up for the Technique & Drills class and/or Monthly Workshops

Want to learn more? Also follow the Vocabulary & Movements class and/or Monthly Workshops

Monthly workshops

Once a month come and follow our special Datura Style™ sessions. Each 2-hour workshop is divided into three parts: Technique & Drills according to the method developed by Rachel Brice, Vocabulary & Movements from the Datura Style™ repertoire and introduction to group improvisation concepts.

These workshops are ideal if you want to discover this emerging style and/or if you don't have the opportunity to take weekly classes and/or if you want to expand your knowledge of fusion dances.

See dates

'Guest Teacher' Regular workshops

 Cette année nous avons l’honneur d’accueillir Haza Ahelia pour des sessions régulières d’enseignement. À chacune de ses venues vous pourrez suivre un atelier de 2 heures de technique de danse et un atelier de 2 heures de projet chorégraphique. Laissez-vous séduire par sa vision de la Danse Incarnée, Ethnique,Thérapeutique et Contemporaine.

Ces ateliers sont idéaux si vous n'avez pas la possibilité de suivre des cours hebdomadaires et/ou si vous voulez compléter votre connaissance des danses fusion.

Voir les dates

Nos Cours

Our Schedule

Classes resume the week of Sept. 5, 2022
*VITROLLES classes resume on Sept. 12, 2022*
6:15 p.m. - Technique & Drills - VITROLLES
7:15 p.m. - Vocabulary & Movements - VITROLLES
8:15 p.m. - Improvisation* - VITROLLES

12:15 p.m. - Choreography - EGUILLES
1:15 p.m. - Technique & Drills* - EGUILLES

6:45 p.m. - Technique & Drills - MARSEILLE 5th
7:45 p.m. - Choreography - MARSEILLE 5th

8 p.m. - Vocabulary & Movements - MARSEILLE 2nd
9 p.m. - Improvisation* - MARSEILLE 2nd

6:30 p.m. - Vocabulary & Movements (advanced) - MARSEILLE 7th
7:30 p.m. - Improvisation (advanced)  - MARSEILLE 7th


Private lessons - individual or in small groups (contact us)

2 p.m. - Monthly workshops (10  dates- Datura Style™ - MARSEILLE 2nd

PRIVATE LESSONS - individual or in small groups (contact us)
INTERNSHIPS - national or international teachers (here)

SERVICES - professional or amateur according to your needs

(*) Optional 30 min class


Classes / Workshops / Shows
Horaires & Lieux

Our Studios

@Aix en Tango

225 rue Tourmaline


@MQ Ferme de Croze

av. Ferme de Croze



Marseille 5th
Marseille 2nd
Marseilles 5th

@Gymnase Leca

14 rue François Leca

@Le Morozoff

28 rue Ferrari

@Centre Olga Semenova

75 Corniche Kennedy

Nos Studios

Our fees

WEEKLY class 1h

MEMBERSHIP (mandatory)     15€/year

  • single class                               13 €

  • per term                                   110€

  • 11 single class pass                 132 €

  • full year                                    275€


  • 1 free trial in each class theme

  • -50€ off per additional annual class

WEEKLY Option+ class 30mins*

  • per term                                  45€

  • 11 single class pass                 60€


  • full year                                  120€

MONTHLY Datura Style™ class 2h

  • single class                              30€

(*) the Option+ 30mins Improvisation (Monday or Wednesday) or Technique & Drills (Tuesday noon) classes can only be taken in addition to the weekly class that precedes each them

  • full year (10 classes)                200€

ATELIERS Ponctuels 'Guest Teacher'

  • à l'unité                                      45€

  • à l'année (5 seances)                  190€

HYBRIDES CLASSES : all our MONDAY, TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY classes will be held in person AND live through Zoom. We believe it is important you can access your class from wherever you wish and according to your personal schedule.

Tarifs & Inscriptions
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